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4 Tips For Selecting Which Clippers are Best for Grooming a Dog

dogclipperkitDog Grooming Clippers should last for many years of dog grooming, at least if they are quality clippers.  Dog Grooming Clippers really are an important part of any dog grooming kit when it come to dog and pet grooming, since a good quality dog grooming clipper can keep your dog’s fur in good shape.

Naturally when it come to grooming your dog you need to realize that it takes quite a bit of time to learn to cut, trim and groom a dog, so having the right dog grooming clippers is so very important to do the job right.

Tip 1 – Basic Dog Grooming Clipper Tips

If you are going to be grooming your own pet,  you will need a professional set of dog clippers especially when clipping their fur.  You should not use regular hair clippers designed for humans since these would not be fit for dog or any other pets and are not able to cut as fine or be as comfortable for using with your dog.  

You might tend to think that even the cost of $100 or more for buying a professional set of dog clippers may be somewhat high, however in the long run the money you will save by grooming your dog or dogs yourself is quite a bit higher.

Tip 2 – Choosing Dog Grooming Clippers for Your Dog

To find out which dog grooming clipper is right for you, begin by understanding what your dog grooming needs are going to be first before selecting  dog grooming clippers. If you will be grooming more than one dog on a regular basis or if you have a dog with a heavy coat of fur, you will need to buy a more heavy-duty unit that features a more powerful motor that can take on the challenge of dogs that have thick, matted fur, plus the use and abuse of everyday jobs. On the other hand if it looks as if you are only going to use your clippers for an occasional touch up on a dog with thinner hair, then you could select a lighter unit. The best clipper for your job will be a heavy-duty unit for daily or more difficult use on thick fur, and a lighter, unit that can be hand held for use in smaller jobs.

Tip 3 – Select Your Brand of Dog Grooming Clippers

You will find countless brands of dog grooming clippers for your dog.  They can range from the cheaper units more suited to trim humans not dogs, all the way up to the heavy duty professional use or dog grooming clippers for veterinarians.  In any case there are a lot to choose from.  The popular brand names such as Oster, Andis, Wahl, and others like them are usually a good place to start and they are often covered by a warranty and are built to last.

Tip 4 – Ask Your Veterinarian For Advice on Dog Grooming Clippers

Your veterinarian is an excellent place to start for finding out the best dog grooming clippers to  buy.  He should have plenty of expertise in this area and should be able to give an expert opinion of the best dog grooming clipper for use with your dog, and could perhaps even provide you with several choices to consider.

Want to know where to find which clippers are best for grooming a dog – click here!

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