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5 Tips for Training a Labrador Puppy

labradorretrieverTraining a Labrador puppy  will be easier on you and you will find it less of a struggle if you do it the right way. You should see to it that you take your Labrador puppy to be taught through a proper obedience program, as this will give you the necessary confidence that will enable you to train your Labrador puppy to be a truly great dog and companion.

Below are 5 Labrador puppy training tips that can help you in train your Lab.

Labrador Puppy Training Tip 1. Housebreaking – First thing to do is get a crate. Most of the time if a puppy starts his training in a crate can accept the crate very well.  A puppy should never be allowed to run loose in the house.  If there is no one around to watch the puppy, he should be put in the crate.

Next your Labrador puppy will need to learn is that his bathroom is outside in the yard, not inside your home. He will need understand this beginning from the first day he arrives in your home.  You will have a perfectly housebroken pet by following these steps:

Take your dog outside if you think he may need to relieve himself, doing this during the first 8 to 9 weeks after your Lab puppy has arrived, since this period is critical in insuring successful housebreaking. You should take him out every hour, 5 minutes after eating or drinking, after playtime or exercise.  Other times for taking him out is if he becomes excited, right before bed, and of course, immediately after he wakes up in the morning.

Labrador Puppy Training Tip 2. Obedience class for your Lab – Enroll your Labrador puppy in obedience classes as soon as he can  meet the age requirement. The proper obedience training that you would receive from a qualified dog training  instructor will give you the tools you will need continue to train your dog.  The end result will be that you will have a Labrador puppy who will be a well-trained dog that can take direction from you.

Labrador Puppy Training Tip 3. Always strive to be Consistent with Your Labrador Puppy Training  – Consistency is required for Labrador puppy training. You should be using one word commands and the same hand signals when you are training a Labrador puppy. The more repetitious you are, the faster your dog will learn. Also, don’t forget to take breaks during the training and try to make it fun for your dog, since dogs are known to have rather limited attention spans.  Be sure to reward him when he obeys.  Remember, Labs like most dogs will eat anything, but they really love their treats.

Use one-word dog training commands, as one-word commands will be easier for your Labrador puppy to understand in the beginning.  You should start your training by teaching your Labrador puppy the ‘sit’ command.  Use the same one-word dog training command consistently or the puppy will not understand the command. For example, say, “Sit” instead of “Sit down.” Or sometimes “Sit” and sometimes “Sit down.” Always be consistent with your dog training command terms.

Labrador Puppy Training Tip 4. Employing Correct Discipline in Your Dog – There are going to be times when you need to enforce discipline in your Labrador puppy training. But disciplining your dog should not include shouting at your dog. When your dog does something wrong, look him in the eye and use a firm tone of voice to say “No”. Show him how to do what you asked, and then use praise with him to help him understand why he is being praised.  Discipline is important during puppyhood, but remember never hit your Labrador puppy!

Labrador Puppy Training Tip 5. Giving Your Dog Praise – Every time your Labrador puppy listens to your commands and obeys them and does them right you praise him.  He will like hearing the praise, and he will just become  more devoted over time and be even more determined to do things in a way that pleases you.

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