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Basic Dog Obedience Training Command Number 2 – Stay


The main object of basic dog obedience training is in getting your dog or puppy to understand and obey the 5 basic dog obedience training commands.  These commands are Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Down.

Here we will look at Basic Dog Obedience Training Command 2 – Stay

After you first teach your dog to ‘sit’, you can teach him to ‘stay’. Start by giving a hand signal when you give the command ‘stay’.  Then give your dog the command ‘sit’ to have him sit.  You then put your palm up with fingers closed in front of your dog’s face, about six inches away and give him the ‘stay’ command in a firm voice.  Once again reward him with praise if he keeps staying, and reprimand if he doesn’t.  From this he will learn that it is good to keep the stay and bad if he breaks it.

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