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Basic Dog Obedience Training Command Number 5 – Down

The main object of basic dog obedience training is in getting your dog or puppy to understand and obey the 5 basic dog obedience training commands.  These commands are Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Down.

Here we will look at Basic Dog Obedience Training Command 5 – Down

The down command is a very useful basic dog obedience command to teach your dog. This is another command that can save a dog’s life.  This command should be taught right after your dog has mastered the ‘sit’ command.

As with the other commands treats are an important dog obedience training tool.

First get your dog’s attention by saying his name. Once you have his attention and is already in the sitting position place the treat near his nose allowing him to sniff it.  When your dog starts to nibble on the treat, lower the treat towards the ground, until the dog is in the down position.  When he is laying down, release the treat.

Repeat over and over in short and sharp training sessions until your dog begins to understand the action.

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