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Why Good Dog Grooming is Important For Dog Health


It wasn’t really so long ago that most people’s attitude about their dogs were that they were looked at as animals that lived in the back yard, ate whatever was put in their bowls, and might sometimes even serve as a playmate for their children. Today, we understand that it is important to care […]

4 Tips For Selecting Which Clippers are Best for Grooming a Dog


Dog Grooming Clippers should last for many years of dog grooming, at least if they are quality clippers. Dog Grooming Clippers really are an important part of any dog grooming kit when it come to dog and pet grooming, since a good quality dog grooming clipper can keep your dog’s fur in good shape.


Electronic Dog Training Collars For Obedience


Do you find that you are having problems trying basic obedience or advanced dog training techniques on your dog? You will be interested in knowing that there are thousands of pet owners out there who are experiencing these problems all of the time.

An electronic dog training collar is a great dog training tool […]

Using a Head Collar on Your Dog When Dog Collar Training

The head collars used in dog collar training have become an increasingly popular dog training tool in the past couple of years. Two of the most well known brands of head collar on the market are the Gentle Leader and the Halti, but there are many other brands that incorporate the basic head collar concept. […]

Is Dog Leash Training or Dog Collar Training the Best Way to Success in Your Dog Training

Fortunately, dogs are hard wired by nature to be social, pack oriented animal and to seek out leaders, and to follow the direction of those leaders. […]

Which Collar is Better for Dog Training – Training Collar Or Choke Collar


Choke collars can be effective tools if properly used. A correctly fitted collar can make the collar easier to use and a whole lot safer for the dog. Determining if the collar is the right size is easy. The ideal size training collar should fit snugly, yet comfortably over the dog’s head.

Choke collars […]