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How You Can Better Manage Your Dog With a Dog Training Collar

Dog training collars sometimes receive a negative reaction from people who think that it looks so mean, especially the choker collars, and so look at it is a torture device that can harm dogs. […]

Using a Head Collar on Your Dog When Dog Collar Training

The head collars used in dog collar training have become an increasingly popular dog training tool in the past couple of years. Two of the most well known brands of head collar on the market are the Gentle Leader and the Halti, but there are many other brands that incorporate the basic head collar concept. […]

Is Dog Leash Training or Dog Collar Training the Best Way to Success in Your Dog Training

Fortunately, dogs are hard wired by nature to be social, pack oriented animal and to seek out leaders, and to follow the direction of those leaders. […]

Is Reward Training or Dog Collar Training the Best Dog Training Method To Train Your Dog

Reward training is considered by many dog training professionals as the most modern method of training a dog, but reward training is probably a lot older than other methods of dog training. It may be that reward training for dogs has been around as long as there have been dogs to train. […]

Some Dog Training Aids That Can Help Train Your Dog

Many dog owners probably think that dog training aids are out there for them to spend money and not receive any benefits from them. However training aids are there to help dog owners succeed in teaching their dogs, this could be teaching him obedience, agility or any other type of teaching you want to do. […]