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Suggestions to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming


Dog Grooming is important because a dog’s health can depend on it. Most dog owners have little knowledge or experience when it comes to just how to wash their dogs. For most people dry-grooming or brushing and ‘buffing’ their dog’s coat, would seem to far less of a problem than actually having to bathe […]

Basic Dog Obedience Training Command Number 5 – Down

The down command is a very useful basic dog obedience command to teach your dog. This is another command that can save a dog’s life. […]

Why Voice is Important When it Comes to Giving Dog Training Commands

When giving commands to a dog, a calm, firm, authoritative voice is consider to be most effective. Generally a dog will not respond well to hesitant, pleading voices, or certainly not to yelling, which to the dog sounds too much like threatening barking or scolding. It is also important that the word being used for the command, and the pitch of the voice always be consistent every time the command is delivered. […]