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German Shepherd Dog Training

germanshepherdThe German Shepherd dog is a great animal, and often used as a working dog, and also  used as police dogs, because of their strong protective instinct.  This dog is renowned for being courageous, cheerful, obedient and clever.

Advantages of German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd dogs are large, strong and athletic, and so they need a quite a bit of mental stimulation and exercise. Nevertheless a well trained German Shepherd dog can be trained to do almost anything. These dogs usually perform well when it come to doing more demanding activities and they love to please their master.

Consider the Amount of German Shepherd Dog Training That Will be Needed

If you are considering owning a German Shepherd you must look at how much German shepherd dog training is going to be required so that the result is you will have happy, well trained and behaved German Shepherd dog that you can be able to take just about anywhere safely.

You will find that even a young German Shepherd dog can be a handful for an inexperienced owner.  Because even very young German Shepherd dogs are capable of jumping and even knocking over children and the elderly. These dogs don’t generally mature until they are 3 years old.  Leaving a German Shepherd home alone can result in considerable damage to your home.

The German Shepherd dog must be well socialized from an early age and they need a lot of exposure to people and other dogs, otherwise they could develop some aggressive tendencies as they go into adulthood.

You should start your German Shepherd dog training from an early age, since at a very early age it will be better when it comes to teaching him what is acceptable behavior and what is not. This will provide some invaluable grounding for your German Shepherd dog training.

In your German Shepherd dog training you need to understand that your dogs’ behavior is almost completely influenced by instinct and you must work to counter that instinct with conditioned behavior through human training. 

 As Part of Your German Shepherd Dog Training You Need to Establish a Social Hierarchy First

 The way to do this is in establishing a social hierarchy within your home starting the first day you bring your German Shepherd puppy home.  This hierarchy consists of an Alpha dog, which is the dominant dog; the Alpha is then followed by the Beta dog, or next in line of succession.

The Alpha dog is the supreme ruler of the pack; above all the other dogs in the pack, submissive to no one. The Beta dog being second in line for dominance is submissive to the Alpha but still dominates the other dogs in pack. 

 The main thing to keep in mind is that your German Shepherd needs and is quite happy when he has an Alpha dog to provide him firm, dependable leadership.  The German Shepherd dog is instinctively hard wired to move up in the pack position, leading him to test the boundaries, be misbehaving, especially during training. 

In the German Shepherd dog training process that you will be setting up, it means that for you to be able to successfully train your German Shepherd dog, you have to become the Alpha dog of your pack. By doing that you establish a proper relationship between you and your dog from the beginning.  This will enable him to bond to you more closely, more deeply and work harder to please you, if you make sure he understands his relationship with you.

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