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Suggestions to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming

doggroomingDog Grooming is important because a dog’s health can depend on it. Most dog owners have little knowledge or experience when it comes to just how to wash their dogs. For most people dry-grooming or brushing and ‘buffing’ their dog’s coat, would seem to far less of a problem than actually having to bathe them in water. This is because most dogs have natural dislike being bathed.

This purpose of this post is to deal with the basics of how to prepare your dog for his dog grooming, including how to prepare him for is bath the right way, so you will both be better off.

Getting Your Dog Accustomed to the Dog Grooming Process

It is very important that you get your dog accustomed to the dog grooming process. In fact this should start in puppyhood as this is the ideal way to handle the situation, but if you are not able to do this, if you’ve got an adult dog already, it would be best to move a little slower, however you should still start getting your dog used to being touched and handled all over as soon as possible.

As you work to get your puppy or dog gets used to the sensation of being touched, rubbed and handled, he should come to enjoy it. This is because dogs are natural social creatures, and physical affection and contact is something they usually thrive on, therefore it shouldn’t take long before your dog will begin to trust you, and before he knows it he will allows himself to get some pleasure out of your touch.

As you begin you just have to start rubbing your dog slowly all over. Stroke the ears, touch his cheeks and neck, rub him on his back and belly, start picking up his paws and if possible give each paw a gentle squeeze. Be sure to praise him every time your dog lets you do this, since paw touching is something most dogs tend to enjoy. If your dog has a tail, rub it between your fingers. Then get him to roll over on his back so you can rub and stroke his belly and hocks.

When it comes to the dog grooming process: the more your dog enjoys it, the less stressful the whole event will be for both of you, and so you will be more likely to groom your dog which helps to increase the overall health benefits for him.

Grooming your dog is just one tiny aspect of maintaining overall dog health and happiness. For a complete, encyclopedic survival guide to all aspects of dog health, from preventative care to choosing a vet to doggie First Aid (even the canine Heimlich maneuver!), you should take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

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