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5 Tips for House Training Puppies


House training puppies will require 5 things: time, vigilance, patience, commitment and of course love. But this really doesn’t have to take a long period of time to accomplish. It is just a matter of investing some of your time into it, keeping in mind that the more time you spend the shorter the […]

How to Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate-training is essentially the use of a small indoor kennel (the crate) to confine your young puppy when you’re not actively supervising her. […]

Sample Schedule of a Mornings Dog Crate Training

Crate training generally takes one to two months (depending on the breed of your dog and how much time you spend on the training process.) As the puppy grows older, you can begin to reduce the amount of time spent in the crate – but beware of doing this too soon! […]

How to House Train Your New Puppy

House training is the first thing your new puppy must learn. The toileting process that your puppy learns in the first few months after arriving in your household will make a lasting impact on your puppy so this part of dog training is important to do correctly the first time. […]

How to Teach Your Puppy Not to Jump or Bite

Now you have your adorable, cute new puppy. You are pleased to have him and he is happy to have a family like yours. But before long you see that there are 2 behaviors you need to deal with almost immediately – jumping on people and biting. […]

Basic Dog Training Can Teach Your Puppy to Understand The Rules

If you have a puppy, beside basic dog training you will need to have quite a bit of patience on hand as well as time to house train your puppy correctly. If it is a puppy, you will need much more patience and time to house train him correctly. […]