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The Positive Reinforcement Method for Behavior Training Your Dog


Many dog training experts have generally come to believe that the most effective and humane way to train a dog is through the process known as positive reinforcement dog training. Positive reinforcement means the rewarding of behavior that you as an owner would like to be encouraged, while all undesirable dog behavior is ignored. […]

5 Tips for Training a Labrador Puppy


Training a Labrador puppy will be easier on you and you will find it less of a struggle if you do it the right way. You should see to it that you take your Labrador puppy to be taught through a proper obedience program, as this will give you the necessary confidence that will […]

Basic Dog Obedience Training Command Number 5 – Down

The down command is a very useful basic dog obedience command to teach your dog. This is another command that can save a dog’s life. […]

Do You Find Yourself Spoiling Your Dog With Dog Training Treats?

It is a good idea to be offering treats while giving your dog house training. Besides being well-deserved gifts for your dog, the treats can also be effective training tools. […]

Some Dog Training Basics That Can Help You to be Proud of Your Dog

First of all it seems to be a generally accepted fact that a trained dog is a happy dog. Like children, dogs will test their boundaries with you to see what they can get away with. Your dog will tend to test your boundaries even after you have had him for several years. […]

Is Reward Training or Dog Collar Training the Best Dog Training Method To Train Your Dog

Reward training is considered by many dog training professionals as the most modern method of training a dog, but reward training is probably a lot older than other methods of dog training. It may be that reward training for dogs has been around as long as there have been dogs to train. […]

Patience is the Most Important Dog Training Tip of All

The most important thing dog training tip is patience. It is very easy to become frustrated and want to give up on your dog, as you yell at them for the umpteenth time for using your house as a bathroom. However there are many things that can help make it easier on you, many useful dog training tips that will make your life less stressful during the next few months. There are books to read, and classes to take, and people to talk to. […]

Basic Dog Training Can Teach Your Puppy to Understand The Rules

If you have a puppy, beside basic dog training you will need to have quite a bit of patience on hand as well as time to house train your puppy correctly. If it is a puppy, you will need much more patience and time to house train him correctly. […]

How the Right Dog Training Can Give Your Dog A Better Life

Training your dog is a long and rewarding process. By training and teaching your dog to obey your commands, you are doing a lot to increase the quality of life for both you and your dog, since in every healthy relationship, both parties need to develop an understanding of who is the boss, and what their expectations are. […]