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Washing Your Dog For Good Dog Health in Eight Easy Steps

dogwashingIt doesn’t matter whether or not you have the easiest to care for dog around, you still need to spend some attention to his overall appearance. Therefore you should also invest in a bit of time to learn the best techniques for easier, and stress-free dog grooming since good dog grooming in necessary for good dog health.

Bathing your dog should always come before any dry-grooming, this is because it makes brushing and trimming a dog’s coat or fur a lot easier as well as a lot more effective. It would be pointless to try to brush a tangled, dirty coat.

The following are some steps in washing your dog.

Step 1 – First you will need to round up some basic tools: a tub, a non-slip mat, a plastic jug, some warm water, a small sponge, and some dog shampoo. Do not use human shampoo because the pH is all wrong for dogs, and will give your dog dry and flaky skin.

Step 2 – Next stand your dog in the tub on the non-slip mat. If he happens to be a large or unruly dog, you may want to wash him outside, or you can use a light nylon leash that can be tied from his collar to the faucet.

Step 3 – Pour pails of warm water all over your dog making sure he is good and wet. This will break down the grease in his coat or fur, and makes possible a more thorough shampooing.

Step 4 – Mix a small amount of dog shampoo with another pail of warm water, and rub it thoroughly into your dog’s fur. Begin the shampooing on his back and then work up a good lather.

Step 5 – At this point you can begin to work on your dog’s head and face. However be very careful when you get to his eyes, and be careful about getting any water in his ears, as this could probably cause an ear infection. Just try plugging the ears with a small twist of cotton wool to prevent this.

Step 6 – Clean under your dog’s tail (if he has one) before you washing him off – dip the sponge into the shampoo mixture to do this properly.

Step 7 – Rinsing your dog. Using a pail and some clean, warm, shampoo-free water, carefully tip it all over him and use your fingers to help disperse any lather from his coat. Afterward be sure to rinse him off completely at least twice, because any remaining residue of shampoo could irritate his skin.

Step 8 – Dry off your dog. If your dog has short fur, you can use a towel or if a big dog maybe two towels. If your dog has longer fur, give him a gentle toweling-off first, and then you can use a hair dryer set on low heat to get rid of any remaining dampness. In addition to making sure that it’s set on low heat, be sure hold it far away from your dog’s fur to prevent burning either the skin or the fur.

Dog grooming is just one tiny aspect of maintaining overall dog health and happiness. For a complete, encyclopedic survival guide to all aspects of dog health, from preventative care to choosing a vet to doggie First Aid (even the canine Heimlich maneuver!), you should take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

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