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Why Good Dog Grooming is Important For Dog Health

dogcoatIt wasn’t really so long ago that most people’s attitude about their dogs were that they were looked at as animals that lived in the back yard, ate whatever was put in their bowls, and might sometimes even serve as a playmate for their children.
Today, we understand that it is important to care for our dogs a much more, and view them more as members of the household than just an animal out in the yard. Good dog grooming is important to maintaining a healthy and happy dog. Grooming your dog, or hiring someone to do this for you will make them look good and feel good. It will help to keep their coat shiny and healthy.
So dog grooming has been increasingly looked at by most responsible owners as an important part of their dog’s regular health-care. Caring about a dog’s grooming need can help to ensure that any skin-care problems are greatly reduced since dog grooming helps to distribute the natural skin-oils evenly throughout the dog’s coat. This then can help you in keeping an eye on your dog’s overall condition, because if you engage in dog grooming on a regular basis, you will be more likely to notice the presence of any unusual lumps or bumps.
This is an example of just the type of preventative action that has saved the life of many a dog. Because while your dog can’t tell you where it hurts, if you just take a little bit of time now and then to check him over can save you a lot of grief later on.
Regular dog grooming is as important for his health because good dog grooming stimulates blood supply to the skin, removes dead hair and prevents matting. Without good dog grooming a dog will be more susceptible to skin irritations, ear infections, fleas & ticks. Dog grooming is vital in the health of your dog and making sure your dog is groomed regularly will help to avoid these kinds of hygiene related problems. You can either learn to groom your dog yourself, or let someone else perform this task you.
Another area related to dog grooming is dental care for your dog, since you need to have their teeth brushed because if you don’t, this can lead to other health problems as with dental care in humans.
The trick is getting your dog to tolerate (and even enjoy!) the process …
Maintaining good dog grooming is just one tiny aspect of maintaining overall dog health and happiness. For a complete, encyclopedic survival guide to all aspects of dog health, from preventative care to choosing a vet to doggie First Aid (even the canine Heimlich maneuver!), you should take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

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